Hope Public Adjusters are 2nd to none; they stepped in and handled everything when our lives were so devastated due to a fire. Our insurance company only wanted to pay the bare minimum. After Hope taking over we got what we felt we deserved, to say the least. I'd recommend this company to anyone who's had damage whether it be fire or water. Don't let The insurance win, let Hope public adjusters step in and you win.
After a lot of back and forth and hassle from our insurance company, Hope Public Adjusters stepped in and made everything fair! They took over all of the hassle, phone calls, paperwork, emails, etc from the beginning and kept me updated several times a week. I never had to wonder what was going on. We were told by 2 different insurance inspectors that we had no damage at all after a big storm. After insurance met at my home with Hope Public Adjusters, a roof, siding and garage door were all covered by insurance for storm damage. I can’t say enough how educated they are and how they completely turned things around for us. I would 10/10 recommend using them!
I would 100% recommend going through Hope Public Adjusters. They take care of their clients to make sure that they are being compensated from their insurance company for the correct amount when it comes to their loss. They are extremely genuine, honest and kind people who will over deliver in everything they do. They take the time to walk you through everything to ease your mind through the process. So thankful for them and their hard work and amazing customer service!
Worked with this company on an Asbestos Claim, with the help of this company the homeowners were able to get the funds they were owed to take care of the property. It also allowed us as the contractor to make sure the job could be completed without them having to pay out of pocket. Highly recommend using this company if you are having problems with the insurance company keeping up their end of the contract.
If you’re having problems reaching an agreement with your insurance company you NEED to call this company! They’re very professional and highly effective. After meeting with them I was able to reach an agreement with my insurance company within a few days!
I’m forever grateful for Hope Public Adjusters! After my pipe burst in my bathroom so much was ruined! I was devastated!!! Then to add on top of that my insurance company didn’t “owe” for any of the damage! I could not believe this. Thankfully for Hope the came for a second look and now I have everything I need for full replacement!!! Thank you so much!
I would recommend Hope Public Adjusters to anyone needing help getting coverage on their claim. Cole and his office did a great job explaining how this process goes. I was so clueless without them!
We would’ve been LOST without Cole & his team! We had someone run their car into our home and State Farm fought us on repairs every single step of the way. Cole was at our house the day of the accident ready to help and prepped with a plan. It took so much stress off of my husband & I. Him and his team were with us every single step of the way, making sure we got what we deserved. Insurance would’ve totally screwed us over had we not hired Cole! Thank you x1000000!!!
You will never be disappointed using Hope Public Adjusters. If it wasn't for Cole, I would have never collected from my insurance company. His knowledge of insurance, weather, construction, together with his promise to work for you.....makes you a winner. Thank you again Cole, you were my last shot.
Without Cole I would have never received payment for my rightful claim. Cole's tireless effort secured a new roof and interior repairs that the insurance company tried to deny for over a year.
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