Is a Water Leak Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Sudden Burst Pipe Can Result in the Need for a Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water Damage and Insurance Claims

There is possibly no worse feeling than finding water where it doesn’t belong. Or watching the water come back up the toilet when it’s supposed to be going down. Sudden and accidental water damage can happen at any time. What can help make the situation easier is knowing that when this type of water damage occurs, it will almost always be covered by insurance. It’s important to note here that any water damage to your property will be covered. The pipe, plumbing, toilet, or whatever caused the damage most likely will not be covered. Any water damage insurance claim process can be daunting, especially if you can’t be in the home to take care of things. That’s why we want to work with you. Anyone with Hope Public Adjusters can help you through the entire claims process in any way that we can. We can offer advice and tips to help make the process feel smooth and effortless or give us a call at 833-312-5246 for help with water damage insurance claim in Indianapolis, IN. Keep reading to see the type of help we can offer you.

Leaking Pipe Can Mean the Need for Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

The water damage insurance claim process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There is one person that you should be able to rely on during that time and that is the adjuster.  When you work with an insurance claims adjuster in Indianapolis, IN, they are your number one resource during the process. This person can offer you the correct information you need to make an informed decision. If you are about to start the claims process for your property, we do have a few tips we’d like to share with you.

Document Everything: The number one tip we have for every homeowner is to document everything. This includes taking multiple pictures of the damaged area, writing down everything you do if you patch a leak, and more. Making these notes will not only help the process go more smoothly but can also help your adjuster identify the problem more easily.

Negotiate: Believe it or not, but you don’t have to accept an insurance check if it is not enough. The assigned adjuster may send so much money for repairs, but if repairman gets in there and finds it will cost more time and money, you can renegotiate.

Use Your Benefits: Most homeowners insurance packages come with several benefits that you might not be aware of. If your home is unlivable due to an excess of water, your insurance provider will pay for a hotel stay. They are obligated to actually match your way of living to the best of their abilities.

When filing a water damage claim with insurance, the most important tip that we can stress is to be as honest and detailed as you possibly can. Providing your claims adjuster with clear, detailed photos can make a world of difference in the process. Where you might find this difficult to do is when you need any kind of slab leak repair. Even in that case, being as detailed as you possibly can about where the problem is happening, what you’ve done in response and more will make the claims process that much easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of water damage does insurance cover?

Your insurance will usually cover damage to your property caused by a leaking pipe or a burst pipe. Basically, if water damage occurs to your property because of a leaking pipe, the property will be covered. The pipe itself is usually not covered by insurance.

How do I file a claim for water damage?

Start by turning off the main source of water to your home. If you can see where the problem is, put a temporary patch over the area to prevent further damage. Then contact your insurance provider and give as much detail as you possibly can about the leak, where it is, what caused it and what you have done for a patch.

Is a plumber liable for water damage?

If it can be confirmed that a plumber incorrectly or inadequately worked on your pipes, and those actions thus resulted in water damage, then yes. The plumber would be legally liable to correct the issue.

Does insurance pay for water damage?

Insurance will usually cover water damage when it has occurred suddenly or accidentally. This could be from a burst pipe, a toilet backing up, or a leak in an area of your home that you don’t frequent often.

What do you do if you have a water leak?

If you have a water leak, the first thing you need to do is turn off the water source. Doing so will prevent further damage to your property and your pipes. Once that is done you can either contact a plumber or your insurance provider for assistance.

Adjuster Working on Water Damage Insurance Claim

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