Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims Help

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Get the Coverage Your Deserve

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your residential or commercial property is a fire. Fires have the power to cause a lot of damage in minutes, leaving you with a house that is damaged beyond recognition. In the events following a fire, you will come into contact with many people such as restoration companies, the fire department, general contractors, and even board up companies. Because you are dealing with a lot emotionally and mentally from the aftermath, handling fire and smoke damage insurance claims for your Indianapolis, IN commercial or residential property can make the experience feel like way too much. At Hope Public Adjusters we want you to get the settlements you deserve.

After such a devastating ordeal, you will want the assistance of a professional who has been in this business for a long time. We can prevent common mistakes from happening with your insurance and restoration companies by negotiating on your behalf. We advocate for our clients so that they get the best claim for their smoke and fire damaged property. In addition to helping you with the claims process, we will also provide assistance from interior environmental professionals, engineers, and water remediation experts. These specialists are able to provide smoke and fire residue testing, as well as nuclear moisture testing that is needed for your claim. If you need a public adjuster, call us today at (833) – 31 – CLAIM! We offer free claim reviews, so contact one of our public adjusters to find out more.

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How Fire and Smoke Damage Affect Your Property

When it comes to fire and smoke you will notice that they affect your home or business differently; not just in terms of damage, but in how the insurance claim process goes. While the damage of a fire can be contained after it is put out, smoke damage can continue to spread. This is because smoke travels very easily, and can be found in areas that weren’t even affected by the fire. What’s more is it can also stain easily due to the chemicals, ash, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide that it is made up of. Fire damage, on the other hand, can usually be contained in the area that the fire started. However, if the fire quickly spreads, it can sometimes destroy a home or business to the point where nothing is left. Other things to consider about smoke and fire damage, is that water damage and mold damage can also occur; this is because we extinguish fires with water, so if the water is left to sit, it can cause structural damage to your home or business, as well as mold infestation.

Many people assume that fire would be the hardest claim to file, but smoke is actually harder. This is because when a fire has taken place in your home, there is no debate that things need to be replaced. With smoke, there can be the argument that smoke damage can be easily cleaned and nothing needs to be replaced. Another thing that homeowners and business owners need to be aware of is how your insurance company is going to handle your claim.

  • They will provide you money for the value of the damaged property and not what it will cost to replace it.
  • Your claim will only cover replacement for the value of the damaged property.

Regardless of the fire or smoke damage, you have in your business or home, having the help of a professional public adjuster is essential. We can provide superior fire and smoke damage insurance claims help in Indianapolis, IN so that the claims process is a lot easier for you. You can reach us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to make an appointment.

Upstairs Smoke and Fire Damage

What You Can Do

We know the last thing on your mind is your fire and smoke damage insurance claims, but the more you can do to make the process easier, the more you will get out of your insurance claim. There are a couple of things that will make this a smoother process and provide your insurance company with the evidence that it needs:

  • Document: The most important thing you will want to do is document everything. This will include taking pictures of the damage at as many different angles and keep a record of everything that is damaged.
  • Keep Receipts: If you have a restoration company helping you, a board-up company, a cleaning service, or other companies that are repairing and fixing your home, you will want to keep all of the receipts. You will also want to keep other documentation that these companies give to you.
  • Pay Insurance Premiums: You don’t want to be in a situation where your property has been damaged by a fire and smoke only to find out you don’t have coverage.
  • Hire a Certified Public Adjuster: To ensure your insurance company is giving you the settlement you need for your damages, working with a public adjuster is the best course of action.

The public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters are ready to help you with your fire and smoke damage insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN. We will fight for you to make sure your insurance companies don’t leave you in a bad situation without the proper support that you need. Call us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to get the assistance you rightly deserve.

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How We Can Help You

As public adjusters, it is our job to advocate for our clients–and that is exactly what we will do when you need professional assistance with your fire and smoke insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN. When you use adjusters through your insurance company, you will only get about 70% of your claim. With the help of our public adjusters, we are able to get you 100% or 150% of your claim. Not only will your insurance company not give you the claim you deserve, but they will not recommend the necessary resources to make this process easier. We don’t just help you with your claim, but we also give you a list of services you will need after a fire.

We want business owners and homeowners to come out on top in regards to their insurance claim, so we will follow a comprehensive process to ensure that nothing is left out. Within 24 hours of meeting you, we will file your claim with your insurance company. After that, we will inspect your property and review the loss and come up with an estimate of damages. Then we will meet with your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf. If we can’t agree on a settlement, we will work with litigation to ensure you get your settlement. Call us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to set up your free claim review.